Advanced training for aestheticians

Advance your career!

All around the world vocational and advanced training are the requirements for improving the personal and professional situation. Without professional advanced training it is not possible to work up-to-date and market-oriented in the long run.

The profession of cosmeticians and beauty therapists is highly diversified and, more importantly, constantly advancing and changing. In recent years the behaviour and expectations of the end consumer have also changed a lot: They are better informed and have an increasing need for good skincare products and a desire for good health. Consumers are no longer interested in empty promises - they want to rely on the competence of a professional skincare expert. 

Kosmetik Seminare

Dr. Schrammek training

Your path to success as an aesthetician!

Our International Academy For Holistic Cosmetics was founded over 30 years ago. The director of the school is Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio, a trained dermatologist and allergologist.

Over the many years since our inception we have trained thousands of cosmeticians from Germany and abroad. Through our dialogue with cosmeticians we always try to anticipate the newest trends in the area of vocational training, and so our offering of seminars is continually being updated and streamlined to the latest requirements and developments in the market.

Our ongoing collaboration with skin clinics and research institutes guarantees a high level of competence and quality in the course content we offer. We reflect the shared experiences of our cosmeticians from their day-to-day practice. And we?re very happy to share our know-how and experience with you!

To help you further specialise and improve your qualifications we offer a range of up-to-the minute vocational seminars. For each course you successfully complete, you will receive a documentation folder and a certificate.

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